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Purple Dots
Imagine mingling with extraordinary visionaries, potential clients, and powerhouse collaborators – all in a bustling hub of innovation and inspiration. Vulcan Works is where great minds converge, blending and sparking revolutionary ideas.
Seize the opportunity to forge connections with potential clients, collaborators, and trailblazers who share your creative wavelength, and ignite your passion for business growth and knowledge-sharing through our dynamic line-up of inspiring events, masterclasses, and innovation showcases. As a member of our community, gain access to a treasure trove of expertise that empowers you to scale, create, and ultimately master your craft.
Purple Dots

CoWork Club: 3

Vulcan Works 34-38 Guildhall Road, Northampton

CoWork Club takes the best bits of coworking and networking and jumbles it together in a once-a-month 1 day event. It's all about the magic that happens when you bring ... Read more

Northampton Sales Club

Vulcan Works 34-38 Guildhall Road, Northampton

Welcome to the Northampton Sales Club! Come join us for an exciting in-person event at Vulcan Works. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, this is the perfect ... Read more

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