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Purple Dots

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We are proud to have a number of innovative businesses within our centre. Our aim is to bring together the best and brightest and help them develop, collaborate and grow. Below is a selection of who you will find here for you to collaborate with.

Purple Dots

MJ Goddard design consultancy ltd

Matt Goddard Founded MJ Goddard Design Consultancy LTD in 2021. Working as a freelance designer and consultant for a whole range of company’s including Primark, Sainsbury’s TU, Asda George and more. Matt looks at the latest trends, and styles to create in fashion prints and designs for clothes. Liaising with manufacturers and retailers to bring designs and products to life.

cantrip creative

Cantrip Creative is lead by Digital Content Creator Andrew Bond and supported by his small but enthusiastic team of idiosyncratic creatives that make a mission of concocting wildly captivating audio entertainment that will soon become your new favourite thing. Andrew made the move from solo Voiceover Artist to podcast producer and has since found success in pulling millions of monthly listeners to the Send Me To Sleep podcast. The Cantrip Creative team are now working on a whole new host of audio entertainment that will be enthralling your eardrums later this year.

UK Digital Accountants LTD

UK Digital Accountants LTD, your trusted partner in modern digital accounting solutions. They leverage technology to streamline your financial processes, offering expert guidance in bookkeeping, tax compliance, and financial analysis. Their dedicated team ensures accuracy, efficiency, and transparency, empowering your business to thrive in the digital era. They can help with Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT Returns and everything in between.

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